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Cryo Cool - The Mini Facelift

The perfect candidate for the Cryo Cool Facial is just about anyone who wants to improve their skin texture, combat fine lines and leave the salon with a fresh rejuvenated appearance.

The CryoFacial, not be confused with the vaporised liquid nitrogen, this facial, uses icy cold temperatures and works at a much deeper level to penetrate deep into the dermis layer of skin, working with the body's natural process to boost collagen and skin tautness.

What is Cryo Cool?

Cryo technology uses cold temperatures via a wand to widen blood vessels and increase blood flow. The facial session uses vasoconstriction (the wand) and vasodilation (massage) to increase blood circulation.

The increase in oxygen supply to the skin boosts collagen production and increase elastin, which strengthens the structure of the dermis layer of the skin. In turn, strengthening the epidermis layer, which improves skin tone, lessens pores and reduced the appearance of fine lines.

Clients can expect noticeable instant results and a beautiful glow immediately following the treatment. Through a series of treatments noticeable improvements will be made to those areas treated.


  • Anti-aging and skin rejuvenation

  • improved collagen production

  • reduce of acne and skin blemishers

  • refined skin appearance

Targets areas for Skin Tighting

  • Eye Lifting

  • Face Rejuvenation

  • Jawline Sculpting

  • Double Chin Slimming

  • Neck Firming

  • pore size

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